Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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Bobby Bradshaw
Bobby Bradshaw and The Jokers

Donna Bradshaw, Bobby's wife, sent me this email today, April 5, 2008:

Bobby Bradshaw "left the building" on March 2, 2008 after a 5 year war with cancer. I have been scanning in some of his pictures and have a couple of the Jokers that are pretty good. Would share if someone else hasn't already posted them.
Donna Bradshaw

Below are the photos and articles that she sent:

Bobby Bradshaw in the 60's.

Bobby Bradshaw and the Jokers (Top Row: Bobby Brown, Phil Mathis, Charlie Watson, Middle Row: Stubby Stubblefield, Wayne Brooks, Raul Questa, Bottom Row: Louis Cardenas, Jesse Langford, Bobby Bradshaw)

Lee Maye and Bobby Bradshaw

Clippings from 1965

Below are three photos of clippings from 1969.

Muhammad Ali, Phil Mathis, Bobby Bradshaw

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An article from Rolling Stones Magazine featuring Bobby Bradshaw and the Dome Shadows, May 31, 1979. In the article it claimed the Dome Shadows was established in 1962.

We want to thank Donna Bradshaw for providing these photographs, and again we send our condolences to Donna and her family. We know that Bobby Bradshaw is enjoying the web page.

Hi,I was Bobby Bradshaw's first wife.  He was playing at the Dome Shadows before we were married.  If my memory serves me right, B.B. King and Chuck Jackson were guest performers at the DS when Bobby was band leader.  There may have been others like Roy Head and B.J. Thomas before Dean Scott joined the group.  This is an interesting web site. Thank you for putting it together.

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