Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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E-Mail from Staff
Vickie was a waitress and then a bartender.
My name is Vickie. I worked at the "Dome" for 5 years. The address was 9218 Buffalo Speedway. I wanted to tell Greg the other guy in the picture was guitar player Larry Webb.
Can't wait to see this web site develop.

Hi, Gosh, I have so many great memories of the Dome. There was a guy that took pictures. I was there from 71-76. I started working there in 1972. I never worked for Marshall but knew him pretty well. When I get a chance I will sit down and write what I know. I will get in contact with people that I am still friends with. Oh, I started as a waitress and went to bartending fast and remained on the first bar until I left. The manager was Wanda. The band was the Good Stuff. Vickie

My name is Diane. I am the mother of Vickie and Debbie. I remember nothing but fun and good times at "The Dome". I hope Kenny King finds out about this spot. He was there every night. He should have some good input and hopefully pictures. Those were some good old days. I worked day bar for Vickie on Wednesday so she could have some time off for her daughter, Kristi. Wednesday night was beer bust, so it got REAL busy. That and the leg contest. Oh yeah, also the wet T shirt contest. That was a crowd pleaser too. There will NEVER be a club like the Dome Shadows.

Diane Hall

I was one of the security officers who worked there, and loved Bobby's band..He had a tall blonde headed fella who placed the alto sax...I believe his name was Terry...I'm trying to find out that that fella' s name is,please..
     Those were the days, with Marshall Stewart, and Dolores...


Ok..I worked ?Security along with officer Johnson (Deceased) and officer Fowler (Deceased..I know one of the waitresses was Helen, a blond...I don't recall the others..
  I remember when Scott would  work there one night or so..He had a whole different style of music, than Bobby had.....

Well, I worked there for several years on the weekends..I don't remember when I started but perhaps, these clues might help...They had  go-go dancers on each side of the stage, I saw my first line dancing done there, Bobby had a mustache then., and Dean Scott was just a coming up singer...
One night we arrested 2 males for drunkenness , and took them to the coat room, outside the main doors..My partner went to the pay phone on the phone outside the coat room..
The two subjects got into a fist fight, and I stepped between them, and we all went to the floor, with me in the middle,..The band had just quit and  was taking a break, and a  band member, blonde haired, was going by the door and saw what was happening...He rushed in and took the one guy off me, and put him in a sleeper hold...I got the other guy handcuffed..
 My partner hadn't heard what was going on..I thought the band member played alto sax, and was featured every now and then....I've always wondered who he was..

I remember, Marshall bought another club on Richmond,I believed it was called the Golden Apple..It never was as popular at the Dome..
  Possibly also had a club on Main street....Unknown name..

Ok, I went around one night and I saw all the black/white customers and I said "No Thanks".

Also, when I worked the the Golden Apple on Richmond,  we had a couple of rising stars that were coming up..Namely, ,Hank williams, Jr. and  a black country western singer..Can't think of his name, right now, but he's well known now...
  I didn't realize he owned that many

My name is Kathy Champion (was Hobbs) and I used to Bartend at the Dome Shadows. I worked there under Paul Berlin and later I worked with Martin Kramer.
I was also married to a bandmember in the Tommy Cashwell days.
I have lots of pictures of the T.C. bands, and some from the Bill Hershey days.
Alot of my life was spent at the Dome Shadows. I met great friends there, who remain my good friends all these years. I have lived in other states, but always came back to Houston, and the Dome-while it was still there.
I miss it being there. It was the BEST nightclub in Houston.
Thanks for getting this website together. All of us from the Dome loved it as employees, and customers. It was a great place to go, and I will always miss it.
thank you

Hi Gary-
The first night I worked as a bartender at The Dome Shadows was interesting to say the least.
A waitress walked up to me and said, "Educate a Slit".
She must have noticed the dumbfounded look on my face and explained, "A Bud-Weiser is "Educate", a Schlitz is a Slit.
We also served Lonestar and Pearl beers.
Using this code, orders sounded like "Slit a Star", or "Slit one, Pearl two" (which reminded me of knit one, purl two) or "Educate two Pearls".  
I've been hanging around and working at bars all my life and I never heard this type of jargon until I worked at the Dome Shadows.
If anyone out there remembers this way of ordering or knows who started it, please post a reply.
Leo O'Neil

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