Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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E-Mail from Band Members
On the top of your comments post is a message from keyboard player Bert Fannette (Bellville)-he was my Godfather, best man at my dad's wedding-he passed away unexpectedly last week, was at the funeral Friday May 9-Thanks for your tribute to Houston and her musicians and venues-My dad was in High School with Janis Joplin at Jefferson, and moved to the Big H with Bert Fannette-one of his friends introduced him to my mom-Cheers
Brian Cutaia

E-Mails from Band Members:

Hey Gary,
My name is Willie Ornelas and I worked at the Dome Shadows for a pretty
good while. I am a drummer and I worked there with "The Jokers", "Jesse
Lankford and the Symbols", "Leo Grimaldo and the Symbols" "Jerry La
Croix and the Dominoes", Buddy Wright and the Wright Sounds" and I can
remember the names of quite a few of the musicians if you need any
names. Llet me know if I can help.
Best to all,
Willie Ornelas

I played organ (Hammond b-3) and piano (club furnished) in 67-68 with Bobby Bradshaw, Leo O’Neil, Charlie Watson, Bobby Brown, Phil Mathis, etc.  I don’t remember all of the horn players at that time.

Bert Fanette

I worked at the Dome Shadows in 1965 with Jesse Lankford and Bobby Bradshaw and the Jokers.
I am a trombone player and still playing.
I worked there one Monday night (the Jokers off night) with Buddy Wright and the Right Sounds and Marshall liked the trombone and had the Jokers hire a trombone and they hired me.

I have to typed up a paper about my experience there and send it to you when I have a little more time.

It was fun times.

Walt Boenig

Walt also emailed to let me know that Bobby Bradshaw, band leader at the DS, passed away a couple of weeks ago. Very sorry to hear that news. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

Hey, I picked up three new emails:

Hey I worked at the Dome Shadows before Willie Ornelas, with Leo 
O'Neil as band leader, Jesse Lankford, Bobby Bradshaw, and Bobby 
Bodine as lead singers.
In a day or two I will remember all of the other musicians.
Wow, what a trip to blog on the Dome Shadows.
I live in LA and I'm still very good friends with Willie Ornelas, and 
I admit it.
Tony Braunagel



I played sax and sang with the Jokers in 1970, and with Good Stuff in 
1971. The Jokers had Phil Mathis, Ikey Sweat, Bobby Brown, Bobby 
Bradshaw, Bill Hershey, A.W. Johnson, maybe Kit Reid, and Leo O'Neil. 
I remember some great nights, and some really weird ones too.
Good Stuff had me, Bill Hershey, Tommy Cashwell, Dennis Dyer, Steve 
Lustgarten, Steve Shirard, Dean Stipp, Ron Hobbs, somebody I can't 

Greg Gonzales

My name is Dean Stipp. I'm one of the guys pictured with the white "Zoot Suit" on.
I played at the Dome Shadows from 1971 to 1977, with Tommy Cashwell and "Good Stuff" and Bill Hershey and the "Hershey Candy Company". The Dome Shadows took on a life of its own. I don't know anyone who didn't enjoy that place or that era, including the musicians. I also worked with Leo, Bill, Greg and others at Astro World in a Dixieland band-the "Do Da Daze", during the DAZE! It usually was after working the Dome Shadows the night before! I've got nothing but great memories from that period and good musician friends and others to share the old times with. (And a couple of X-wives who I doubt share my enthusiasm from those days).

Dean Stipp

My name is Erin O'Neil Wallace and I'm the daughter of Leo O'Neil. As a child my father would bring me and my two younger brothers to the Dome Shadows when he had rehearsals. We loved to go during the day. I can remember my brothers and me crawling around collecting money. It was amazing that so much change was dropped on the floor and no one picked it up. We would leave there with very full pockets and it would keep us entertained while dad worked.

Erin Wallace

Neat Site! I worked with 3 different bands at the Dome. I was 19 or 20 when Bobbie Bradshaw put me on as sax next to Raul Cuesta. After a few years I went on the road with Roy Head. Later I got a job with Tommy Cashwell and "Good Stuff" and when Tommy decided to go on the road, I kept the musicians who were tired of traveling and we put together "The Hershey Candy Company", Call me I grew up in that club.

Bill Hershey

I was one of the original members of The Jokers in Palacios, TX.  We got lucky and had a hit with Lynn Snyder and wound up at the Dome Shadows in the early 60's.  Band members were:  Phil Mathis, Lucio Sanchez, Bobby Brown and myself (I don't remember the rest of the guys!).  Soon after, Bobby Bradshaw joined the band as a trumpet player and vocalist.  Bobby and I had played together before in Palacios.  Around 1964 I left The Jokers to tour with Sunny and the Sunliners.  I miss Bobby--may he rest in peace.

Johnny Garcia

Hi, my name is Johnny Garcia. I played sax and sang with the Jokers from the beginning. We originated in Palacios, TX. We had a hit song, "Everyone Knows" which went to #1 on radio station KILT in the early 60's. We were one of the first bands to play at the Dome. Members were Phil Mathis, Bobby Bradshaw, Lucio Sanchez, Bobby Brown, and myself. There was a bass player named Don ?. Don't remember his name. But we were there before any of the guys that are on the e-mails from former musicians who played at the Dome.

Johnny Garcia

 My name is Heather Hershey-Anderson.  My dad is Bill Hershey and my mom is Jackie Billups-Hershey. My dad played the Sax and my mom waited tables. So I have heard the best stories from both sides. If it wasn't for the Dome Shadows I wouldn't be here today. The Dome Shadows was more than a club. It was like a home to a lot of different people. I have meet a lot of wonderful people who came out of this club. And there are some of them who also helped raise me. Some of my first great memories are hearing my dad and The Hershey Candy CO. Growing up listening to such great music has made be such a better person. I so happy to see someone has done this for the Dome Shadows. It's a place that never shall be forgotten. Keep the music and the memories alive forever no matter what!!!!!!!
Love to all,

This is Bobby Kimball, and I worked so many incredible nights at 
the great "Dome Shadows". What an fantastic time I had there. Most of 
the nights I worked there, i was playing keyboards and singing with 
"Allen Wayne and Machine", but on other occasions, I brought a solo 
band over and had the time of my life.
  A lot of water has run under the bridge since those days, and I 
became the lead singer of the LA band called "Toto". We had a few hit 
songs that I'm very proud of, and now, I'm working on a solo CD to be 
released sometime in early 2009. Due to touring duties, I'll have to 
take my time on this CD. If you liked the 80's music, you'll love my 
new solo CD. I want to bring real music back to life with my work, 
and it's what I sing/play best. I can't really see trying to copy or 
emulate what's happening on the radio now.
  Thanks for putting up this wonderful site, and I feel bad for those 
who never got to experience "The Dome Shadows" great nights of 
entertainment. My best to you all, and I'll try to find some photos 
to post on this site................Bobby Kimball

Hi Jack,
My name is Stubby Stubblefield. I was lead tenor sax with the Jokers during the 60's. I saw the picture under the Bobby Bradshaw tab of the band and it gave me a rush of memories. I'm the little skinny guy on the left center. I was sorry to hear about Bobby B. We spent many a night on that bandstand but we also were the house band for the KILT shows downtown. Kilt was pop & rock back then. We also spent time in some of the Houston recording studios. Long Black Veil was one of the bigger hits we backed on. I still have that same Selmer saxophone. I'll never forget the excitement of those days and I have often wondered where each of the guys went and what they were doing. Anyway, just wanted to drop a line.
P. R. "Stubby" Stubblefield

A liitle older and wiser.

Hi again, Gary-
I recently remembered that I played with four different bands at the Dome Shadows.
The Jokers - owner, Marshall Stewart
The Good Stuff - owner, Paul Berlin
Breezin' - owner, Jerry Johnson
The Country Band - owner, Jerry Johnson. I don't remember the name of this band. I only played a short while before leaving to play at "Fool's Gold".
I also worked there as a bartender for Paul Berlin(1973). The Good Stuff was the band and it included Johnny Lee. When he left to work for Mickey Gilley he took most of the the horn section with him and I was hired to play trombone and write arrangements.
I wish I had taken more pictures. I guess I was too busy having fun.
Best Regards,
Leo O'Neil
My website:

Hey Gary:

Charles McBride here, in Nashville. I was a 16 year old Blues & Rock guitarist in Houston when I was invited to
sit in at The Dome Shadows with Jesse Kankford's band that included Trent Poole & (I believe) Wayne Brooks on
B3. Also a great horn section. This would be 1969. A great half-hour for a young guitarist transitioning from the
rock world (Catacombs Club) to the grown-up world (Roulette Club on Kirby). Very kind people. I met Bobby Bradshaw a few years later at the Village Inn where he was working with Dean Scott. I just wanted to say that, while we were not close friends, I did consider him a friend and he was one of the most  decent & agreeable people that I have met in all my years in the business. A real gentleman. He seemed to have a gift for making people at ease- whether they were 17 or 70. He will be missed.

All the best,

Charles ( "Charlie" ) McBride

I played drums for The Ezra Brook Band from
Brownsville. We only played one show at Dome Shadows opening for Steppenwolf in Oct.1978. We had switched agencies from Gene Odom to John Blomstrom who seemed to get us all the cool gigs. We did a lot of shows with Lic, Steve Long Band, Fools, Texas and some opening shows with Buddy Miles, Savoy Brown,and Riot.
Thanks, John. It was fun. 
Robby Settles

 i was the road manager for jerimiah    we played the dome lots ! we were the band that opened for the ramones !! we did get booed !!!  i still work with jimmy deen and he is rocking !!!
rc clanton

Hey Gary,

I am Chris Terranova the lead guitarist from the band RAEL, we played at the Dome Shadows many times.

I later joined up with Jeremiah and continued to play there until it shut down.

Jeremiah later became Air Force One and then CHEEKS with the LIC band members Brad Herring and Richard Heath.

I have a few photos from the Dome Shadows too! I will send them in later.

Boy! I have a lot of stories from that place. Rael opened up for the Ramones when they were there.

I remember those HOT, HOT, HOT, legs contest. They ALWAYS turned into much more than just LEGS!!!

 I will get back soon!

 Chris Terranova

My name is Jimmy Joe Long'''''''  My father was Houston guitarist Joey Long. I was wondering if you might have any pictures of him playing at Dome Shadows. If so please let me know. Thanks-------------------Jimmy Joe Long

I played behind Dean Scott, Alan Wayne and others...I was a Key board player and some of the groups that played with came in on Monday nights when the Joker's were off...I also used to run some of the lights..Later I was hired to go to the Van's Ballroom and then the Cast Aways club...I played for Johnny Lee for some time and then he and his whole horn section was hired by Mickey Gilly...

Bruce Jager

I played a lot at the Dome with Jeremiah.  We made Jerry Johnson a lot of money.  We recorded an album that Jerry finance but Bloomstrom wrecked the deal, for whatever reason.  That is when I quit and went to Los Angeles, CA on my own. I have since played with Rod Steward, Bryan Adams and moved to Europe to play with Tina Turner.  I returned to the US in 1990.  I am now a software engineer in Santa Barbara, CA.

Win Landureth, Ph.D.

 I stumbled across this site for "The Dome Shadows", and so many fantastic memories flooded through my mind. I did play quite a few concerts at the "DS", and I can't think of anywhere I played that was more fun. This is Bobby Kimball and i was playing keyboards and singing with Allen Wayne & Machine. As Kathy mentioned, we played there during the 70's, but kathy, I'm almost positive we did quite a few more than just two concerts there. When i wasn't playing onstage, I was there a lot in the crowd digging the bands and the incredible vibe from the great crowds that attended the fun, which was ever-present. As memory serves me, The Dome Shadows was my favorite place to hang out and meet some very classy people. 
 After I left "Machine", I joined "The Levee Band" in Louisiana, and was with them for about a year, Then I got a call to come out to LA and sing with the band who backed-up "Three Dog Night" (this was just after all three singers quit). Of course I took the offer, and stayed with them for about a year and a half in their new band called "S.S. Fools". During this time, I met, and became friends with the two main guys who put "Toto" together. When I left that band, I was asked to join Toto as lead singer. Our first song out of the chute was "Hold The Line", and it got us nominated for a Grammy for "Best New Group" in 1978. Unfortunately, "A Taste of Honey" won the Grammy, but it was an honor to at least get nominated.
 In 1982, we released the "Toto IV CD", and that one netted us a total of "9 Grammy Nominations", and of those, we brought home" 7 Grammies". No band had ever done that before in a single year. It was a precedent-setting night. 
 Toto lasted about 30 years, and we still get together and do concerts occasionally. Each of us have Solo Bands now, so there's lot's of music out there from the Toto elements.
 I've just been asked to be inducted into "The Louisiana Musician's Hall of Fame" on May 16th, 2010  .

 It's a great honor to be recognized amongst some of my favorite Jazz and Blues heroes from La. 
 I would love to stop in and visit the Dome Shadows, where so many of the moments that earned me this honor occurred. 
 By the way, i wrote a song about Louisiana about 25 years ago, called "Tanner's Song", and none other than Willie Ornelas played the drums on it last week. I thought I would finally record it and bring it to The Hall of Fame in La. I was so happy to have Willie on the song, because he was perfect for that piece of music. 

"Don't 'live' for anything you wouldn't die for."

Bobby Kimball

Hi Jack,
My name is Diann Brown Andersen. I was married to Bobby Brown of the Jokers.  I grew up in Sweeny and Bay City, Texas,  an area where the guys started the bands, The Jokers and B.J. Thomas and the Triumphs. I just found out about this site today, so I will need some time to look; but, I think I must surely have some old pics from then. Also Roy Head and C.J. and the Pictures.

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