Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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Sue Ann Banks

Back around 1966-1968, Sue Ann Banks was a frequent patron of both Vaqn's Ballroom and The Dome Shadows. She has been nice enough to provide photos of her experiences.


I have some photos from inside both Van's and The Dome Shadows. 

My friends and I frequented both venues a lot!  I loved to whip!

Phil Mathis, the drummer for The Jokers, and I dated for quite awhile back in the day.  I went to Bobby Bradshaw's funeral in Burnet and took my photo albums with me.  Roy Head was there and he got a kick out of them. 

Let me know if you want me to scan the old photos and email them to you.

This is a great site. I can't believe it took me this long to look it over.

Many thanks

(Sue Ann) Jacquie Banks

Photo 1: 04/1966  Dome Shadows           Kneeling:  Bobby Bradshaw
                         L to R:  Don Sapp, Charlie Watson, Lucio Sanchez, Wayne Brooks, Bobby Brown, Raul, Stubby

Photo 2:  06/1967 Vans Ballroom        L: Phil Mathis seated in jacket   R: Bobby Bradshaw leaning over

Photo 3:  ?/1967   Vans Ballroom      The Jokers, Jesse Lankford, Kathy McLennan (far right in gold dress)

Photo 4: 06/23/1967 Vans    L to R: Elaine McLeon, Kay Lynch, James Garza, Kathy McLennan, Gilbert Huron (the best whip dancer),
                                                     Sue Ann Banks (me), Barbara Bobo, Julian "Toot" Tores

Photo 5: ?/1967        Vans,      Some of the usual suspects

Photo #6:  ?/1967   Vans    Phil Mathis on drums

Photo #7:  ?/1967    Vans    ?

Photo #8:  06/1967  Vans   "The Royal Sounds", Edgar Winter, Willie Ornelas on drums

Photo #9:  06/1967  Heading to Vans (taken in my apt at The Martinique)
                 L to R:  (front row)  John Tyler, Jesse Lankford, Lonnie, Phil Mathis, Mike Teague
                             (middle)    Andy Chapman (later singer with "Bloontz"), Dee Conrad
                             (back row) Randall Dollahan, Sue Ann Banks, Jerry ?, Barbara Bobo, Dennis McGinnis, Kay Lynch

Photo 10:  ?          Vans         Bobby Brown, Phil Mathis, ????

Photo 11:  01/01/1966  Birthday party at Sue Ann Banks' apt at The Martinique
                    L to R:    Phil Mathis, Bobby Bradshaw, Marsha Stewart (Marshall Stewart's daughter)

Photo 12:  1966??       L to R:  Roy Smith, Dean Scott

Photo 13:  06/1967      Willie Ornelas and doggie friends

Photo 14:  08/1966   Vans or Dome Shadows?       L to R:  ?, then Steve (Bilao) Tyrell, Sue Ann Banks, B J Thomas     I was able to show this old photo to Steve when I lived in L.A. He plays at the Catalina Bar  & Grill when he's not touring or at The Carlyle in NYC

Photo 15:   1965      Dome Shadows     Some of The Jokers and friend, Jaye P Morgan (top left)

Photo 16:    1965     Dome Shadows     Some of The Jokers and friend, Jaye P Morgan (far left)

Photo 17:    At Tony's parent's home in The Heights      Tony Braunagel, Sue Ann Banks

Photo 18:   12/31/1966     Sue Ann Banks, Phil Mathis

Photo 19:   06/1967    At The Martinque, dressware heading to Van's Ballroom
                                 L to R:  Kathy McLennan, Sue Ann Banks, Barbara Bobo

And here is Sue Ann Banks...

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