Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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Deloris Price-Huffman


      My name is Deloris Price-Huffman.  I was Marshall Stewart’s Manager of the Dome Shadows.  From the day it opened (and before) for approximately 13 years.   I would love to talk with you and give you some incite as to the club.  I may even reach some old friends.  I am so excited to see this web site being built.  Dome Shadows and been such a big part of my life.   It’s interesting that I still meet people that tell me it was a big part of their lives too.


 Deloris Huffman

Since I received this email I have talked to Deloris twice. She has a lot of photographs and memorabilia on the Dome Shadows. She even has pictures of the ground breaking for the club and shopping center. I am going to her place in about a month and I am going to make copies of her pictures and place them on this page.

Gary Yantis

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