Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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E-Mail from Family
And from Family Members:

This is Terry Vance....yes,  I am married to Sharon Stewart, a niece of the late Marshall Stewart...we actually married on Dec 22nd of last year but we have been together since April of 2006...we live here in Spring, TX.
I have known her since the 6th grade and on thru our days at Hamilton Jr high and Reagan high school...I had not seen her since 1968 after graduation, until I became in contact with her by emails in Dec of 2005 ....
I did not know she was related to Marshall, until I mentioned I used to go to the Dome Shadows back in late 69 and thru the early 70's...she surprised me when she told me that Marshall was her uncle.
She told me, Marshall informed her, "she could dance with some of the members of the band but she could not leave with them"...this was his special niece and he did not trust musicians.. 
however, I played drums for many yrs in the field of rock, blues and Christian music, but I never played there....the last time I saw Willie was when I had went there on a date and I saw him playing drums for Bobby Bradshaw...he had just ret'd home from the Army and Marshall had given him a job...
I have known Willie since my days at Hamilton Jr High & Reagan High school.....and the last time I saw Willie was when I was at the Dome Shadows....but we keep in contact and I know some of the local drummers in the Houston area who he has known for many yrs...I am very privileged to know Willie...I know he is the best drummer around.    
To be honest, I did not know Marshall,  and have never seen a picture of him.
I have never met his son Mike, but I know he and his sister Marsha own Johny B Dalton's nite club in Conroe. Marshall's daughter, Marsha Lynn lives in his former home in Conroe.
Sharon said she would be glad to answer your questions.

Terry Vance

My friends and I used to go to the DS from 65-70 and I became a good friend of Marsha Stewart and her family.  We remain friends to this day.  Michael and Marsha own Johnny B. Daltons, a country/western nightclub in Conroe and Michael is involved in the Montgomery County Fair Assoc. and has bought the grand champion steer for the past twelve years. He is a member of the Lions Club and the Cut-and-Shoot Harley Owners Association wherein he is involved in many charitable organizations.
Marsha has one daughter and one granddaughter...Michael has four children and three granddaughters.  I knew Mr. Marshall Stewart to be a fine gentleman with great stories and a love for his family and friends. He and Betty were married for 56 years.  

Cindy Wilson

Gary, Hi! I am Tammy Williams Lyons, Marshall and Betty Stewart's eldest Grandaughter, only child of Marsha Stewart. I wanted to take a moment to Thank you for putting this site together. All of my life I have heard of this fantastic club with groundbreaking ideas, fantastic entertainment, exciting changes in liquor laws that my Grandfather worked so hard to make possible.

The Dome Shodows in it's Glory days was something very special to so many people, I know this because I have heard it all my life from aquintances, people that place truly impacted. I am proud that my Grandfater was not only a tremendous business man, a true visionary, but a wonderful integral part of my life.

When Papa died my Grandparent's had been married 56 1/2 yrs. for 28 of those yrs. We have owned numerous night clubs in Conroe, Montgomery, North Houston and I know how proud he would be to know that this website honoring this club..his first true "biggie" would make him. It was at the Dome Shadows that the Bill "Liquor by the drink" was passed in the State of family never even told me that...found out when I went to college from another owner up there. Family came first with all of us and we miss them both. Time moves on and people always say they'll get around to doing something and before you know it... you may run out of the time to do it.

Kenny King and the family are still in close contact I will pass this info along. Kenny just retired last Christmas from Johnny B. Dalton's which we have operated here in Conroe 28 yrs~ He is a loved and valued part of our clan. Growing up in a family that owns nightclubs in a Baptist town sometimes had a downside but anytime I ever felt it I nver had to look any further than my Mom and my precious Mimi and Papa.

Everything I ever learned about being a lady, a good mother and wife, a business woman, giving back to the community we live in, or hard work came from the three most influential people in my life... Marshall, Betty, and Marsha Stewart.
Tammy Williams Lyons

After reading over my comments. I found that I had been a bit remiss in my praise and accoldades. It is true that for many years my Grandfather (Papa) built something to be proud of. It should not go left unsaid  that my
Uncle Mike should be commended for running a business our family remains proud of and his tireless work in fundraising in our community. Papa tought us all to give back and my Uncle has taken that lesson to heart. He enjoys his committee work, Harleys and it's high time...working for family is no picnic. I am so profoundly proud of his leadership. I speak for our entire family when I say Thank you, for honoring the Dome Shadows with this Website. Many happy returns and may they bring you  all happy memories. ~Tammy Williams Lyons

Hello Gary:
This is Terry and Sharon Vance.....Today, Sharon and I were in the area where her late uncle's club "The Dome Shadows" once stood...
to be honest, it had been so long since we had been to the club  (approx 1968 for Sharon and 1971 for me) that we could not remember exactly where it stood.....when we got home we looked at your website and found the addr of 9218 Buffalo Speedway.
We saw an abandoned "strip shopping parking lot" but the addr was in the 9700 block of Buffalo Speedway.....I told Sharon it could not be it, because I remember the parking area for the Dome Shadows being much bigger.....the odd thing is, there was part of a name which started with "The" on the front of this old bldg., but nothing else. At first we thought this "might" have been The Dome Shadows, but there was no way possible.
Sharon did notice the condos you mentioned in your history of the club, which apparently stand in the location where the club once stood. 
Sharon told me how she was allowed to come to the club when she turned 18 yrs old.  Marshall would let her in as she would usually go with him to the club and then she spent the night at Marshall and Betty's home, which was near by.   anyway, we discussed how we both had a lot of fun at The Dome Shadows regardless that we were there at different times. 
We have noticed a few items which I think I had mentioned before  (maybe).....Sharon and I went to Hamilton Jr High school and Reagan Sr High school with Willie Ornelas and there were some other guys we went to school with as far back as Helms Elemt. school days. 
Not sure which ones played at the Dome Shadows but we know from the pics on the website, one was Bobby Beason who played trumpet.....we don't know if players like David Buoy and Al Matta played there, but we were told they did play for "Roy Head" at one time.
Also....I don't know how many people view your website, but I was friends with another drummer and his name was Kenny Green.  Although Kenny was a much better drummer at the time, he could never understand how I could do drums rolls holding my left drum stick in the closed finger position and the fact I knew all my drum rudiments (Thank you to the late Hamilton Jr High school band teacher "Mr. Jose Mendez")
I wished I could link up with Kenny, but it has been so long since we last saw each other.  I saw him one time some years back on Ch. 13 morning show where he was playing with some Rhythm and Blues band.  I cannot remember the name of the band, but I THINK the guy was from out of Louisiana....At the time, I had the name of the band and I did go on the internet and found the "band leader" and wrote him an email and asked if that was "Kenny Green" on the drums because of the way he moved on them.
This fellow informed me it was Kenny, but he called him "Scooter"....he did not explain that.   I told him that I would appreciate it if he would tell Kenny I said Hello and to give him my email addr.  I don't know if he did or not....I have tried to find him thru other sources but to no avail. It is like he disappeared from Planet Earth.  If anyone know Kenny "Scooter" Green, please tell him to contact me.  Feel free to give him my email addr.
Regards.......Terry & Sharon Vance    

Hello Jack

My name is Pat Ford. Back then my name was Patty Debello. You have brought back memories of a very happy time in my and Marsha Lynn lives. Marsha Stewart and I have been life long friends. We first met when her dad (pop to me) had the Escapade Lounge. Long before the Dome Shadows. We went thru our teens in the Dome Shadows and had more fun. When we were old enough to work there, when you could only buy liqour across the bar in a private club, we work the bar in the private club.

We have seen many a great people and events there, from when the circus would come to town and be at the Astro Dome to the Home Builders conventions and sometime even professional football players.

Marsha and I still share many great memories of the old days and laugh a lot on some of the things that had happened there.

Seeing this website is like the TV show "Happy Days" for me.

As Bob Hope would have said "Thanks for the memories".

In 1966 I married Tommy Debello and we divorced in 1967. We had a son. He was from the east coast and when we divorced he left and went back. I was wondering if any of his old friends was still around and knows where he is or what happened too him.

Gary this website is awesome. I will be checking it weekly and if I know of anyone who was from back then, I will send them your way.

One band no one has said anything about that played on Monday night only, was a little known band by the name of ZZ TOP.

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