Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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Here's a pic of the Pastels playing at the Dome Shadows. I picked this up in the Houston Architectural Forum along with the following pics and ad.

Lee Maye was acquired by the Houston Astros in 1965 and in the off season  made an appearance at the Dome Shadows, much to the annoyance of Judge Holheinze (sp). Marshall was doing just to
goat the  Judge.

Here's a U-Tube link to the Ramones. They played in the Dome Shadows in the late 1970's. This recording is from an unknown location in Houston. Could it be the Dome Shadows? Only the Shadow knows!
Ramones, 1978 Tour, Unknown Location

Photos submitted by Mary Kay and Rose Ann:

Johnnie Fixx

Alan Haynes and The Texas Boogie Band

Johnnie Fixx and the Voxtones

LIC and the Guys


Thank you Mary Kay and Rose Ann for contributing to this website.

DS1-The girls-1973-l to r---Bonnie Foitik,Jackie Hershey(Bill Hershey's Wife),Kathy Hobbs(now Champion),Vickie Kline

DS2-Ken King-Doorman, Bouncer at front bar with bartender Helen Burns

DS3-Dean Stipp and Joel Johnson and Melody Stipp

DS4-Dean Stipp(trumpet in TC's bands,and in Hershey Candy co) and wife Melody

DS5-Ron Hobbs with Hershey Candy Company

DS6-my 27th birthday -Kathy(bartender) and {then  husband} RonHobbs-keyboard and bass

DS7-Tommy Cashwell and Good Stuff-  left-right-Ron Hobbs,Tommy Cashwell,Norman carlson,Dennis Dyer(drums),Rob Scott-April 1971

DS8-Oct '71-l to r--Ron Hobbs,Eddie Nichols, Dean Stipp

DS9-Hershey Candy Company

DS10-bandstand and dance floor

DS11-Lots of lights under the dance floor

DS12--Halloween customer 

DS13-Helen Burns-bartender

DS14-Vampire kathy Hobbs-bartender and werewolf Ron Hobbs-Keyboard and base in TC's bands and Hershey Candy Co

DS15-Wes(regular customer)and kathy -bartender

DS16-Werewolf Ron Hobbs and Joel Johnson-horn player- Bill Hershey in drag

DS17-Ron Hobbs and Customer at front door

DS18-Halloween with Ron Hobbs and Bill Hershey-I think

I will try to find more and will send them to you, My daughter-Cheryl) has alot of the band pictures from back then. I will get her to try and send some of hers to you.
Thanks for getting this together for those of us who adored our time  at the Dome
kathy(hobbs) Champion

That is all I have for now. If you have any questions about the pictures, please feel free to call or email my any time. I will try to find more. I have at least 6 yrs if pictures- which most are from the Dome in the Seventies.
What a great place to hang out. I loved working there and coming inon my night's off and partying with everyone else.
Thanks so much for setting this up for all of us loyal DomeShadows fans and employees

Hi, Gary,
I am glad you liked all the pictures  that I sent. I do have more, I just have to find them.
I did want to add some additional info about another band that played at the dome while TC's band was playing in Wisconsin and Minneapolis. They went to play at a chain of supper clubs -the entertainment was run by my now husband-Bill Champion.
The name of the band was Allan Wayne and Machine. They were ffrom Louisianna. They were an excellent band.One of their members-Bobby Kimball- now and has been for awhile- with the great band TOTO. They played two different times in the 70's. I hope maybe someone out there might have some pictures of their band.
I really thought it was important to mention their names as a band that played there and everyone was crazy about them.
Thanks for doing alll of this for us lovers of our time at the Dome. My favorite time was under the onwer ship- of Paul Berlin. He was the best boss I have ever had at any club, or anywhere else. He is a great man, and will always be!!!!!
I will email more pictures  later.
Thanks again, Kathy

Brock-Striegel Jacquelyn:
"Gary. be sure to check out my recently added photo of myself amd best friend at the Dome!! (1977)"


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