Dome Shadows
We are remembering one of Houston's most famous night clubs...
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John Blomstrom, Agent
For much of the time that Martin Kramer and Jerry Johnson ran the Dome Shadows, I was an independent booking agent (American Bands Mgmt.), that booked 75% to 90% of the entertainment.  Actually Jerry (and his wife Jewel) didn't turn the club country until much later.  The first couple of years Jerry had it, we ran a lot of the top regionally ranked Hard Rock bands from Texas and surrounding areas in the club.  It was like a mini concert, with a dance floor.  Jerry went on to back me at "The Palace."- a short run concert club ('79-80) at Richmond Ave. and 610, that featured nationally recognized acts.  (seated 990) At the Dome Shadows, we had Steppenwolf and others perform.  Top regional bands at the Dome included Lic, Jeremiah and Blitz.
Lic in the late 70's was a cultural pheonoman.  They were making $1,500 a night and were outdrawing all of the competition and many national groups. After breaking up in the early 80's, two of the members died way too young.  Richard Heath, lead guitar player went on to perform with Vince Vance and the Valiants.  He was killed in a car wreck on the way home from a performance.  Louis Baldovin committed suicide a few years later at age 40.  In their prime. they were courted by several record labels and a potential deal with London Records fell apart from disagreements in the band.
The Palace was a step up.  We brought in up and coming acts like Pat Benatar (twice), Prince, Hall and Oates, Prince and others.  We, also, brought in some established acts like Harry Chapin. (awesome show).
I have a lot of information I can share with you about both of these venues, if you are interested from the time period of about 76-80.
I don't have time right now to get into all of it, but, feel free to contact you.  I will try to write more, later.

John Blomstrom

Viewing your web site about the Dome Shadows, I have a lot of memories from there.
Yes, the Ramones played there.  I know that, because I booked them at the Dome.   My company American Bands Mgmt.  booked a lot of rock bands from the early 70's to early 90's thru out Houston, Texas and  the midwest.  The Ramones were a great band to work with.  I don't remember who opened for them.  One of the people logging in to your site said it was a pretty boy band that the crowd booed.  That is possible, but, I doubt I would have matched the Ramones up with a group like that.  I will have to assume the band in question was playing for the week and the Ramones stopped in for their one show.  I can't over emphasize how easy the Ramones were to work with.  We must have done 100 dates on that band, and never experienced any real problem.  It saddens me that three of the guys are now gone.
In the late 70's, my agency represented most of the hot regional rock bands from Texas and the surrounding ares.  I was single, in my 20's and life was good. Lic was one of my "favored" bands.  My agency worked hard for them and later a couple of them would be in my wedding party.  The band was on the road a lot.  Therefore,the lead guitarplayer, Richard Heath (dba Tommy Gunn) gave up his apartment and just stayed at my house when he was in town.  Whether the band was playing at the Dome Shadows, somewhere else, or not playing at all, Richard and I seemed to always run into very friendly pretty girls. One night in 1977 Richard and I went to the Dome Shadows to see another really good band, I booked- BLITZ.  It so happened there was a very cute girl there, that was friends with Blitz.  I made a point to go up and introduce myself.  She left that night without me, and my ego was bruised.  I saw her there a second time and couldn't remember her name.  Thank God, she told me.  I visited with her, but, again, she went home with her roommate Kathy.  This was starting to suck.  A week or two later, I saw her again.  Damned, if I forgot her name, again. But, I had NOT forgot her or how she walked.  OMG.  Anyway, since, I forgot her name, again, she wouldn't talk to me.  Obviously, I was able to get her name at some point, because Dec. 28, 2008, we will have been married 30 years, with 3 children and our 2nd grand child on the way.  CHEYRL BYRD- now Blomstrom.  I never forgot that, again.  Thanks Dome Shadows for hooking me up permanently.

In the 70's, the Dome was the place to be for good hard rock and roll.  Richard Heath (of Lic) and I met many beautiful friendly young women there. (but, I met no more women after meeting my future bride, Cheryl Byrd).
One night after Lic played (they were playing two nights- Friday and Saturday), Richard told me-
"Man, did you see that gorgeous girl dancing right in front of me?"  The obvious answer was
"Which one?"  He said "There was only one."  Anyway, the next night, if she was there, he said
he would point her out to me.  Lic had an opening band, so, wouldn't be going on for awhile.  About an hour before they played, he said "Hey John, come here."  I said "What do you need?"  He said "She's here, but, with some guy."  He pointed her out to me.  She was attractive, but, what stuck in my mind was the pullover shirt she was wearing.  It said "Spoiled Rotten."  I said, "Rich, I don't know.  She is admitting it. Check that out."
It only made him more determined.  He wanted me to distract her date, somehow, so he could talk with her.
Being a buddy and the ultimate wingman, I complied.  I have no idea what  I said or did to distract the guy, but, Richard got his chance.  It is the only time I remember him getting completely shot down to the point of being embarassed.
I don't know what she said, but, he wouldn't talk about it or mention her, again.  I, probably, saw her in the club another 6-8 times and always made a point to tease him.  Richard, like myself, met his future bride in this time period.  I don't know if it was at the Dome Shadows or not, but, Donna certainly came to  the Dome a lot to see "her guy."  Those were fun times that came around once and will never come, again.
John Blomstrom

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